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Richard's Journal

7th January, 2006. 7:02 pm.

I'm 29 today. Man I'm getting old.

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20th September, 2005. 4:26 pm.

Man, It's hard to believe I've been back from Vegas for almost 2 weeks. I forgot how much I loved that place. Went down with a bunch of people from work. My roomie for the week was Jeff. That will be the first and last time I ever go on a trip with that guy. He wore the same t-shirt for 3 days straight. I was like WTF? How does someone wear anything for 3 days in a row without a laundry day somewhere in the middle? Now I'm no fashion king, but dude looks like he shops at Target or Walmart exclusively. Holy Shit, spend more than $20 for an entire outfit when you're going on vacation please!

Otherwise it was a blast. I lost $800 between the slots and tables. The most money I lost was on Roulette of course, but it was the most fun I had. Common sense would dictate I don't waste my money on the worst odds in the house. Oh well I never win in Vegas, so why change.

This year has just flown by. Macy's already has their Christmas Tree up.... WTF?

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28th August, 2005. 4:34 am.

For those that did not get to attend the Reunion July 29-31, here's some photo's to keep you entertained. http://lakes95reunion.yafro.com/

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26th August, 2005. 4:11 am. Pissed

Haven't updated in awhile, but definitely had to put this in, since I'm irritated over the incident. Pulled over a guy on the Hilltop today. Contacted the driver, and attempted to take him into custody. We ended up wrestling, he ran, I tackled him, ripped his shirt off completely. My partner then tasered him, but one of the prongs missed. He got up and I chased him for 6 city blocks until I lost him between some houses. All I got out of it was ripped pants and some cuts on my knee. I won't forget that MF the next time.

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24th February, 2005. 7:27 pm. Lakes High School Class of 1995

For all you LHS grads here's a little info for the reunion: http://www.geocities.com/lakes95reunion/

Pass the website along to anyone you still keep in touch with. We've only found about 1/3 of the class.

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14th February, 2005. 1:13 am.

Won $400 in poker tonight. Knocked out 5 of the 8 people playing so I was pretty proud of myself. Probably use some of that dough towards my vacation next month and blow the rest on useless stuff as usual.

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14th July, 2004. 2:47 pm.

Man I haven't updated forever. Well today was a momentous occassion. I paid off my student loan. Although I won't miss paying $200 a month, it was rather anti-climatic. It's not like paying off your car... I mean when you pay that off at least you still have a car to show for it. Paying off a student loan was like... well just like what it was, which amounts to paying off meals eaten from '95 to '99.

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19th January, 2004. 11:38 pm.

Comcast came out today and swapped out my digital cable box for and HDTV one. Man this stuff is bad ass.

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3rd December, 2003. 5:23 pm. Cincinnati Police

MSNBC reports that: "The coroner said Wednesday that a struggle with police was the primary cause in the death of a 350-pound black man." Which translates to the fact that 2 minutes on the treadmill would have killed him also. Give me a fucking break, the NAACP, and all this guys shitbag relatives come out of the wood works looking for a lawsuit. I'm sure he was also doing the ever famous: "turning his life around." Those officers used in my opinion less force than they could have. That fat ass was being assaultive, they were only hitting primary targets on the soft tissue part of his body, avoided the head or clavicle area, just like they're trained. For anyone to say they used excessive force, what other options were there? Throw burgers on the ground and hope he got distracted? I'm tired of listening to Tuesday morning quarterbacks.

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21st November, 2003. 5:50 pm. 34 More Shopping Days Till Christmas.

So I've been on this Atkins thing for a week now. Seems to be working, dropped 8 lbs, but man would I do anything for a pizza right now. 10 more lbs, and I'll be a happy 190 lbs. It's odd that something like this would work so fast, but hey I'm not arguing. I figured it wouldn't be bad eating just meat and cheese, but giving up fountain soda... now that sucks big time. I don't care what anyone says, diet will never taste the same, because it tastes like shit! I've been drinking basically water and unsweetened tea. It just dawned on me the other day too, that Christmas and Thanksgiving are coming up. I'm of course working both of those days. I haven't the slightest clue on what to get anyone. I was thinking about getting everyone on the squad a small gift, but when I thought about it, 2 guys aren't getting shit, because frankly laziness will not go rewarded. Plus I just plain don't like them.

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